CF MultiPass Carton Freezers

Large Packaged Products

Our CF Multi Pass Carton Freezers are a collaborative development with Freezing Solutions Ltd and Raph Engle, the inventor of the Variable Retention Time (VRT) freezers. The invention of continuous flow ('CF') loading and unloading systems almost (or potentially fully) eliminates exterior product accumulation. This together with highly efficient Multi Pass airflow, allows the new generation systems to offer the lowest cost of ownership for freezing and chilling large packaged products such as ice cream tubs, and boxed poultry and meat products.


Small Packaged Products

Our Modular CF Freezer is the latest technology incorporating our hygienic design with all stainless steel construction, fully welded stainless steel enclosure, internal motor-free design and our high efficiency, open-looped Clean-in-Place system. Specifically designed for freezing and chilling ready meals, tray products and pouches the modular CF freezer is the ideal solution offering a compact footprint, minimal maintenance and efficient airflow all contributing to lowering the total cost of ownership.