IQF Tunnels

Our range of Individual Quick Freeze (IQF) tunnels implement various product separation and fluidization technologies including thumpers and our PulseFlow technology to ensure proper handling of your bulk products. Specially designed for delicate handling of products such as raspberries, our PulseFlow technology maximizes product yield and quality.

To ensure our IQF freezers are the most hygienically designed in the market, we incorporate our fully welded stainless steel enclosures, an internally motor-free design, SynchroSD defrost system and our high efficiency, open-loop Clean-In-Place system. With a diverse range of arrangements and design options, our IQF freezer is specifically selected for your unique application to optimize efficiency and product yield. 

Impingement Tunnels

To meet the demands of new food manufacturing processes, our impingement tunnels have been developed for a range of cooling and freezing requirements—from precooling and crust freezing products for further processing to complete freezing. Our impingement tunnels incorporate a hygienic ducting system to delivery high velocity air to quickly cool and freeze products. Traditionally developed to freeze thin products such as hamburger patties, we have further developed the technology to fit novel cooling and freezing requirements.

To ensure our impingement tunnels are the most hygienically designed in the market, we incorporate our fully welded stainless steel enclosures, an internally motor-free design, SynchroSD defrost system and our high efficiency, open-loop Clean-In-Place system. With multiple belt arrangements, belt widths and belting options, our impingement tunnels are carefully designed to match your processing need to optimize efficiency and product yield.

Specialty Tunnels

Incorporating our key hygienic design elements, we work with you to develop a custom solution. We are able to optimize processing conditions including airflows, belt type and arrangements and multiple temperature zones. Preliminary designs are followed with airflow modelling to simulate processing conditions and product testing in our lab facility to confirm results. Working hand-in-hand, we are confident that a solution can be tailored to fit each process.