FPS announces new partnership!

FPS will be working with New Zealand based Freezing Solutions Ltd in the development of its newest product line, the CF MultiPass Carton Freezers. Freezing Solutions Ltd is owned and operated by Raph Engle, the inventor of the carton freezers in the 1960s. With Freezing Solutions' patented Continuous Flow (CF) and MultiPass technologies, the traditional carton freezers have been developed with higher efficiency and lower operating costs. The integration of FPS' hygienic design along with the CF technology creates an innovative solution for a diverse range of products from pouches, ready meals to boxed products.

"This partnership is a natural fit as we can incorporate many of our hygienic features into the traditional carton freezer concept. Along with Raph Engle's experience and engineering expertise, the CF freezer will provide FPS with a complete line of freezing solutions," said by Jeffrey Chang, President of FPS.