FPS to Showcase the Game Changing Spiral Immersion System (SIS) at IPPE


Vancouver, BC – In late 2018, FPS Food Process Solutions launched its newest product, the Spiral Immersion System (SIS). The Spiral Immersion System (SIS) is a revolutionary new patented food processing platform for chilling, freezing, pasteurizing, cooking and chemically treating food products. The SIS is a spiral conveyor in a tank of liquid, usually water or brine, that is faster, cheaper, produces a better-quality food product, produces a safer food product and takes up less space than air chilling.

The science behind the SIS is that heat is transferred 25 times faster in water than in air and water is easier to move around than air. A 2 or 3 hp water pump can move the same amount of heat as over 100 hp of fans moving air. The result is that in the SIS the surface of food freezes 25 times faster and the core freezes 20-70% faster, the footprint is 50% smaller, it uses 80% less energy for the same throughput and the SIS requires 30% less refrigeration tonnage. FPS will be showcasing an SIS prototype at its Booth#7143 in Hall B. As a leader in hygienic design, FPS will also be presenting a TechTalk at IPPE. This is an opportunity to learn about how to make food production faster and safer.

Title: Faster Food Processing Freezer = Safer, More Sanitary Food Products

Date and Time: Tuesday, February 12th, 10:30am to 10:50am