FPS Food Process Solutions Open Parts & Service Centre


A New US Facility to Provide Quick Service to the Industry

Vancouver, BC – FPS Food Process Solutions has opened a new Parts & Service Center in Cartersville, GA. FPS currently provides retrofits and services to clients anywhere in the world, and this new center will allow FPS to urgently ship parts and greatly increase the level of service available.

FPS retrofit specialists are not only experts with our equipment, but also equipment from other suppliers. The retrofit services largely help clients increase capacity and prolong freezer life while our service can help clients’ equipment run optimally and minimize any downtime.

FPS offers comprehensive retrofit packages from system evaluations to complete structural and enclosure rebuilds. With recent global attention on environmentally friendly practices and food safety concerns, existing equipment can be evaluated and upgraded to energy efficient operation and meet current hygienic demands.

Here is a list of retrofits and services available:

1. Clean in Place (CIP) Retrofit
2. Upgrade OEM Freezer enclosure
3. Belt Replacement and upgrade drive system
4. Stacker belt freezer Retrofit
5. Technical support and Service on OEM Freezers
6. Routine service agreement on OEM freezers
7. OEM Freezers Upgrade and retrofit

a. Air Flow Optimization
b. Performance Analysis
c. Energy Consumption Analysis
d. Control system Upgrade
e. Prolong operating hours analysis

24-Hour Service and a Support Hotline is also available to clients who need urgent help. FPS provides immediate support with emergency service, product inquiry, spare parts support, and more. Our technical support specialists provide immediate responses to questions.

Service inquiries can be made at the following numbers:

North American Toll-Free: 1 (877) 710-8660
Vancouver Hotline: 1 (604) 283-9350