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FPS Expands to the Netherlands


FPS Food Process Solutions Opens Manufacturing & Service Centre in the Netherlands

Vancouver, BC – FPS announced the opening of a manufacturing & service centre in Goes, Netherlands. Goes is a coastal town in the south-west of the Netherlands. The new location will be our first office in Europe and is led by our Managing Director Kees Jansen van Rosendaal and Technical Services Director Johan van Zweden.

The new office houses both a sales team and a project management team. It will also serve as the administration office and manufacturing plant. The new facility enables FPS to meet the growing demands for FPS’ food processing equipment.

“We are delighted to announce the opening of our new office in Europe”, stated Jeffrey Chang, President of FPS. Goes is not only a long-standing hub of agriculture, but also a region for food processing and distribution. “While the Netherlands is now the world’s second largest exporter of agricultural products, FPS Food Process Solutions Europe B.V. hopes to service our clients in food process industry as well as providing easy access to all major processors in Europe, such as the vegetable and potato processors”, added Chang.

The new facility, which contains administration office, manufacturing plant and warehouse, adds another 2,300 sq. m. to FPS. It strengthens the FPS presence in Europe and offers a single location for the sales, support and development of the FPS products.

ABOUT FPS Food Process Solutions:

Who We Are

FPS Food Process Solutions is based in Richmond, BC, Canada about 5 miles away from Vancouver. We maintain sheet metal fabrication, a machine shop, specialized insulated enclosure manufacturing and control panel assembly in-house so each component is specifically designed for freezing and cooling applications. We believe that investing on in-house manufacturing ensures our customers receive the highest quality and best technologies in their freezing and cooling equipment.

FPS has a combined 18,800 sq. meters (202,000 sq. ft) of space, including our headquarters, 3 manufacturing facilities, international sales offices and a US based parts & service centre.

Our Vision is to Revolutionize Hygienic Standards

We use the most leading-edge technology and innovation to move our industry forward.  Our focus on hygiene is the foundation for safe food production. Our purpose is to revolutionize the food processing industry, and ensure the safest and cleanest global food production for all.

Our Mission is to Set a New Standard

We invest in our people and partners.  We believe the best results come from strong collaborations. We aim to raise the bar in our field by providing close client relationships, offer outstanding levels of service, and implement global hygienic standards.  We believe that together, we will set a new standard.


For more information contact:
Jeffrey Chang, President
FPS Food Process Solutions Corp.

FPS Food Process Solutions Open Parts & Service Centre


A New US Facility to Provide Quick Service to the Industry

Vancouver, BC – FPS Food Process Solutions has opened a new Parts & Service Center in Cartersville, GA. FPS currently provides retrofits and services to clients anywhere in the world, and this new center will allow FPS to urgently ship parts and greatly increase the level of service available.

FPS retrofit specialists are not only experts with our equipment, but also equipment from other suppliers. The retrofit services largely help clients increase capacity and prolong freezer life while our service can help clients’ equipment run optimally and minimize any downtime.

FPS offers comprehensive retrofit packages from system evaluations to complete structural and enclosure rebuilds. With recent global attention on environmentally friendly practices and food safety concerns, existing equipment can be evaluated and upgraded to energy efficient operation and meet current hygienic demands.

Here is a list of retrofits and services available:

1. Clean in Place (CIP) Retrofit
2. Upgrade OEM Freezer enclosure
3. Belt Replacement and upgrade drive system
4. Stacker belt freezer Retrofit
5. Technical support and Service on OEM Freezers
6. Routine service agreement on OEM freezers
7. OEM Freezers Upgrade and retrofit

a. Air Flow Optimization
b. Performance Analysis
c. Energy Consumption Analysis
d. Control system Upgrade
e. Prolong operating hours analysis

24-Hour Service and a Support Hotline is also available to clients who need urgent help. FPS provides immediate support with emergency service, product inquiry, spare parts support, and more. Our technical support specialists provide immediate responses to questions.

Service inquiries can be made at the following numbers:

North American Toll-Free: 1 (877) 710-8660
Vancouver Hotline: 1 (604) 283-9350

FPS to Showcase the Game Changing Spiral Immersion System (SIS) at IPPE


Vancouver, BC – In late 2018, FPS Food Process Solutions launched its newest product, the Spiral Immersion System (SIS). The Spiral Immersion System (SIS) is a revolutionary new patented food processing platform for chilling, freezing, pasteurizing, cooking and chemically treating food products. The SIS is a spiral conveyor in a tank of liquid, usually water or brine, that is faster, cheaper, produces a better-quality food product, produces a safer food product and takes up less space than air chilling.

The science behind the SIS is that heat is transferred 25 times faster in water than in air and water is easier to move around than air. A 2 or 3 hp water pump can move the same amount of heat as over 100 hp of fans moving air. The result is that in the SIS the surface of food freezes 25 times faster and the core freezes 20-70% faster, the footprint is 50% smaller, it uses 80% less energy for the same throughput and the SIS requires 30% less refrigeration tonnage. FPS will be showcasing an SIS prototype at its Booth#7143 in Hall B. As a leader in hygienic design, FPS will also be presenting a TechTalk at IPPE. This is an opportunity to learn about how to make food production faster and safer.

Title: Faster Food Processing Freezer = Safer, More Sanitary Food Products

Date and Time: Tuesday, February 12th, 10:30am to 10:50am